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Frequently Asked Questions

About investment

Can I, as a foreigner, own a property in Roatán?

Yes, a foreigner can acquire up to 3,000 m2 of land on the island. For larger plots they must establish a corporation.

What are the real estate prices on Roatán?

Real estate prices on Roatán are significantly lower compared to prices in the Czech Republic or Europe in general. The price of the building plot is now from USD 80 - 110 per m2.

How will the value of my real estate investment in Roatán increase?

In general, the year-on-year increase in property prices is 10%. Smaller and cheaper properties are sold easier than large flashy castles, the appreciation there can be lower or even negative. The most liquid are real estate in international self-managed projects and well rentable.

Is it possible to rent a property on Roatán?

Yes, in our project every investor has the opportunity to rent their property. There are many possibilities. We offer houses for rent to our potential clients travelling to the island so that they could get acquainted with our project. Also, our clients can advertise and rent the real estate themselves using various platforms such as Airbnb. We are also preparing our own rental property platform in our project, offering real estates to clients worldwide.

Where is your project Terra Chula Village located on the island?

Our project is located 15 minutes from French Harbour, roughly in the middle of the island on the south coast. The place is locally known as Terra Chula. Close to us is the oldest settlement of Jonesville Point with descendants of the locals live mostly from England, Ireland or Scotland. The location of the project is very convenient as you can easily get to the west and east of the island from there.

What properties do you offer in Roatán?

We offer plots from 200 m2 - 700 m2. But it is also possible to buy a larger plot. Everything depends on our mutual agreement, and the plots we mention on our website are not yet registered in the land register. This happens only at the moment of concluding a specific purchase contract with the client. The client has the opportunity to buy the plot offered by us or to enlarge his area, for example by merging more plots.

What is the amount of real estate tax?

The real estate tax is comparable with the amount of the tax in your country and depends on the specific form of the house.

What is the real estate transfer tax and charges related to the transfer of the real estate?

The real estate transfer tax and related fees amounts to 10% of the purchase price of the plot. These costs are already included in our prices for the plots. The client thus knows the final price of the plot.

Is it possible to do business in Roatán?

You can do business in Roatán. You can do business as a sole trader or even start a company. It depends on specific purpose. We are able to recommend a quality lawyer who will help with everything.

About the island

Is it safe on Roatán?

Roatán is a safe island. It cannot be linked to the mainland of Honduras. The island is currently experiencing a great boom. A large number of Canadian and US citizens live on it. The island has its own airport which is constantly expanding and is also planned to extend to receive direct flights from Europe.

What is the weather like in Roatán?

Roatán has a pleasant year-round climate with average temperatures of 28 °C.

Are there hurricanes in Roatán?

There are no hurricanes in Roatán. Roatán is located off the most common hurricane routes.

What is the landscape and sea in Roatán?

Roatán is a beautiful green hilly island. The whole island is surrounded by the second largest coral reef in the world which protects the island from big waves (e.g. tsunami) and from erosion. The sea is crystal clear. There are beautiful beaches without tourist crowds. In the east of the island there is our favourite about 3 km long Camp Bay beach. It is no exception to be there all alone all day long. The plots on the island are mostly sloping with beautiful ocean views as is the case of our Terra Chula Village project.

How is the infrastructure developed in Roatán?

Roatán has been developing very quickly over the past few years. Roads have been modernized and concreted in the east of the island. West of the island has a more developed infrastructure, further east it is less developed especially in terms of the quality of roads and paths but things are changing significantly. There is no problem with the phone or the Internet either. Roatán has its own airport. In French Harbour, which is only 15 minutes by car from our project, there is a top-class Cemesa hospital, pharmacies, banks, supermarket, restaurants, shops, a wonderful golf course and everything we are used to.

What currency is used in Roatán?

It is the Honduran Lempira

What language is spoken in Roatán?

You can speak Spanish but English is also very frequent.

How do I get around in Roatán?

The ideal means of transport is a car or motorbike. Or own boat.

What is the health care like in Roatán?

There are several hospitals in Roatán, headed by Cemesa Hospital in French Harbour, which even offers such services as the dialysis.

What about the internet connection in Roatán?

There are two mobile operators in Roatán offering different internet tariffs. It is normally possible to connect to the internet with LTE speed and it is also possible to set up internet in the house.

What else can you do in Roatán?

All water sports, above all diving and beautiful snorkelling on the coral reefs which is available a short distance from the island just a few strokes of arms away. You can have your own boat without the need to pass any tests, only properly registered. Fishing is also very popular. A kite-surfing base is located in the east of the island. There are many other options in the west on the West Bay or West End beach, such as swimming with dolphins or a diving in a deep-sea submarine. There is also a botanical garden and a park full of vegetation and animals. Another popular activity is a local zip line.

Do I need a visa for Roatán?

No, you can fly to Roatán with your passport only and you can stay there for 90 days. Your stay may be extended. For those who want to live permanently on Roatán or stay in their house for a longer period of time, we can recommend a permanent residence application. We can help with this again.

Why Roatán?

Simply because it is Roatán. You will not understand if you were not there. Either you will immediately fall in love with this beautiful island full of nice people will or you will fly away and you will no longer want to return. Nothing in between.

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