Mini Colibri Nest

This house is ideal for rest and relaxation. The smell of wooden structures and nice design will evoke pleasant feelings.

Living area24 m2
Terrace18 m2
Total42 m2
Price of the house$ 64.300,--

Mini Colibri Nest

Mini Colibri Nest

The house of the size of a studio apartment with a large terrace is suitable for short holidays and rental to tourists. You don't want to sleep any more. The sun is shining and it is just about the right time to have a rich breakfast. You go out to the terrace, taste some delicious fruit and other stuff you like to have in the morning. You talk and plan where to go today. A beach or a boat trip? Think about it. Life here on the island is different but amazing. Now you only need to


What does it look inside?

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