Roatán Island

Paradise in the Caribbean


  • Population: Mestizos, Hispanics, blacks, whites. 
  • People are candid, smiling, friendly and accommodating.
  • Language: Spanish and English
  • Currency: 1 Lempira = (0.041 USD)
  • Weather: Constant and favourable climate all year round, average temperature 28 °C.
  • The island lies off the traditional hurricane route.
  • Nature: One of the last pristine Caribbean paradises, beautiful nature, the 2nd largest coral reef in the world
  • Beaches: Crowdless sandy beaches, turquoise sea, a paradise for divers and snorkelling enthusiasts, West Bay which is ranked by TripAdvisor as one of the best beaches in the world every year, a natural 4 km long Camp Bay beach which is minimally affected by tourism.
  • Gastronomy: Delicious and fresh food from local sources (fish, shellfish, meat, eggs, fruit ...)
  • Facilities: There are local and foreign banks, insurance companies, mobile operators, cable TV, internet, a number of shopping malls, building material stores, restaurants and holiday resorts, a beautiful 18-hole golf course,
  • Roatan Travel Network

Terra Chula Village


Plots with spectacular sea views. Property owners gain access to a common pier (mooring boats, kayaks, etc.) located between the mangroves in a closed sea lagoon from which you can sail to beautiful places for swimming, snorkelling, diving and fishing.


Our project is situated in the middle of the island on the south coast directly by the sea in a very quiet settlement of Jonesville Point with good access to the west and east of the island, and is suitable for people who want to enjoy the western and eastern parts of the island.


We want to build an international community of residents with a convenient location on the island. In the future, the development of the island will continue to shift to the east so the location of the Terra Chula Village project is very interesting in terms of real estate liquidity and home rental.


French Harbour lies about 15-20 minutes from the area where you will find Eldon's supermarket, Mega Plaza shopping centre with a top-class hospital Cemesa, as well as pharmacies, mobile operators, banks, restaurants, etc.


There is an 18-hole Pristine Bay Golf Resort in French Harbour.
10 minutes from our project you will find beautiful beach resorts Turquoise Bay, Havana Beach Club and Media Luna.


Easy access to the west of the island popular with tourists thanks to the beautiful, award-winning beaches on West Bay and West End. Here you will find restaurants, bars, diving bases. West is suitable for spending an active holiday and for those who like busier day and night life.


Mass tourism mostly avoids the western parts of the island. The beaches there are without crowds. Close to the eastern parts of the island where there are deserted virgin beaches, above all the magnificent Camp Bay beach and quiet resorts for those who like places unspoilt by tourism.


Residents will have access to a relaxation area with a restaurant, swimming pool and bar.


We build houses including a reservoir for collecting utility rainwater and offer the connection of the house to a source of drinking water from our own well. Central property management and rental management for tourist purposes.